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Great British Flowers is the umbrella organisation formed in 2014 to unite everyone involved in the British flower industry.

We are the forum bringing together growers, wholesalers, florists, educators, customers and the media.

We are currently setting up our inaugural meeting and will be inviting all the above groups to send representatives.  We will want to hear your ideas for growing the market; for having British flowers recognised as a top-class product – the best in the World.

We need to:-

  • Create a recognised brand for British flowers.
  • Educate a new generation of both horticulture and floristry students in the growing and use of British flowers.
  • Encourage consumers and businesses to support the industry by making British-grown cut flowers their first choice.
  • Liaise with florists and wholesalers to identify market needs and trends.
  • Encourage more people to begin growing flowers for market.

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You’ll be very welcome.